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Rihanna — “I admire her so much. She's a sweetheart and she is so grateful to be on tour with me and that's what I love. She's gonna kill it.” (July 2006)

Donnie McClurkin- "God Blessed Us For Having This Wonderful Woman on Stage With Us. I Really Love This Woman's Ministry, This Girl can sing… God has really blessed her and anointed her for the sake of the ministry to reach the masses (TBN 2012)
















Darryl Strawberry - “[You Have] Such a Powerful Testimony of who God is. You're an overcomer, I’m an overcomer. We thank God for you, we thank God for your music, we thank God for your voice. You have a tremendous impact” (TBN 2014)




Videos below (Shining Light Campaign 2016)

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