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The best part of my story starts with me and ends with God <3


Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., from as early as I could remember, I witnessed abuse all around me. My safe haven was a war zone and because of that, peace was a very foreign concept to me. My predominate family religion was steeped in mysticism and witchcraft, in which the matriarch of my mother's side of the family began to groom me to carry on the torch. During this time, because of the lack of peace around me, I began to battle suicidal thoughts as early as 7-years-old.


"Maybe if I'm gone they would see the pain it's causing," that was the lie I constantly had to resist. 


Eventually, I would find an escape from my pain through music. At a very tender age, I decided I wanted to be a singer since I realized music had the power to help people feel better, and it's what saved my life. So at the age of 11, I entered the music industry.


Before starting an actual career, I dealt with a string of "con-artist" who took advantage of my young age and the lack of understanding I had about this exciting new world I was entering. Now, a teenager, I would go to school all day and worked in the studio all night. Unfortunately, during that time, I was also exposed to sex, drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll, constantly sexually harassed, but even then, I was protected. Looking back at it now, I realize it could have all been so much worse.


I was eventually signed to Disney’s Hollywood Records at the age of 16 and around the same time, I was also invited to my first Christian church.


Once signed, I spent several years recording, touring, and living the Hollywood life. My single, “Crowded,” became a top Billboard hit and went on to be certified Gold on radio air-play. My debut album No Place Like BKLYN also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart.


Simultaneously, my spiritual life began to grow as well. I eventually renounced my religious upbring and started to attend a small Pentecostal church as often as I could, in between my tour schedule.  


At that time, I was the sole opening act for Rihanna and although my heart was softening towards God, I was still very much the “bad girl” back when she was good. I often cringe at the thought that I was not a very good influence to her or any of the young girls I hoped to reach positively with my music.


I also began an acting career and appeared in a few films and television shows.


Regardless of all the success, however, I was still the same broken little girl that ran away from my childhood pain, hoping that success would fulfill me. Thoughts of suicide continued to linger and anger had gripped greater than ever. I soon realized that money and fame could not fill the void I felt inside.


Nonetheless, I continued my faith journey and eventually fell head over heels in love with this Jesus that began to heal me from the inside out. The more I learned of Him, the more I talked about Him everywhere I went. The "Bad Girl" of Hollywood began to change. I was eventually dropped from my record deal and let's face it I was no longer the girl they signed. In addition, my family was falling apart and my illustrious entourage disappeared and I found myself alone and abandoned but it was that, which caused me to finally looked up to God for guidance.


The empire I built collapsed, and it really put things in perspective for me. So I finally fully surrendered my life to Jesus because by then I really knew He was the only one in my life that had ALWAYS been faithful. After a 2-year hiatus, spending time growing in God, going to church, and being taught by the Holy Spirit, I met my husband and a year later we were married. 


After marriage, I felt led to do music again but this time I had a purpose. My content was soul-stirring and inspiring this time, instead of self-seeking. Soon after, I became a featured guest on the No. 1 Christian network in the world, TBN and I now even host my very own TV show on their Salsa network, called "In The Mix".  


Now, I have dedicated my life to share with others the transforming love of Jesus wherever I go – Christian venues, churches, outdoor outreaches or wherever the Lord leads. 


My Christian walk hasn't been an easy one either, I've experienced devastating church hurt, multiple times. But I've also been a part of the leadership in great churches such as The Brooklyn Tabernacle, where I served as one of the lead singers and a leader in the young adult ministry.


After my husband and I moved to Orlando, FL in 2016 where he is now a pastor in our very own ministry venture–Most High King Ministries. Our sole purpose is to ignite and light a holy fire in this generation to spread the love of Jesus in all the world, like wildfire! Hoping to build Acts 2 communities wherever we go.


Of course, we've had our fair share of challenges, including losing three of our children to miscarriage but we take comfort knowing that they are in Heaven and none of our pain is in vain. God is still good in the trails, we really do get to see that He is the only one that can really mend the broken heart.


I am presently an international speaker/evangelist, as well as a music minister, TV host, media personality, wife, puppy mom and daughter of the King. I never thought my story would be heard by the millions of people as it has, nor that God would use someone like me for His Glory but I will continue to be obedient to God, as I have found it suits me best. Faith in Him is my life support and I know that what God has started in my life, He will finish!




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